Lindemann — Praise Abort

Текст песни Lindemann — Praise Abort с аккордами для гитары

Bm F#m D A

I like to fuck, but no french letter
Without a condom, the sex is better
but every time I get it in
a baby cries and sometimes twins

I have six kids and I don't like it
They eat too much and treat me like shit
They only wear Posh label clothes
If you give one hand, they bite off both
and all my friends, they have big cars
big mansions, too, and smoke the fine cigars
They have deep pockets, I don't know why
I look in my purse and start to cry


I hate my life, and I hate you
I hate my wife, and her boyfriend, too
I hate to hate, and I hate that
I hate my life so very bad
I hate my kids, never thought
That I'd praise abort
Praise abort

I like to fuck, but now french letter
cause without kids, life is so much better
So in the end, I got forced
To stay away from female intercourse


Say goodbye, say goodbye
We rise up, up to the sky
Say goodbye, we'll come back
Soon as pretty butterflies
Make you cry